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Re-Engineering Technology
Consumers benchmark brand values and product technology of existing brands to map existing need gaps, create new ones and spot previously unrecognized product shortcomings.

Reverse Engineering
Starts at the end-point -- recognition of personal goals & aspirations -- and backtracks the logic chain to discover the tangible product technologies that accomplish the abstract goal.

Concepting on the Leading Edge
Discovery of breakthrough levels of innovation that lie beyond the ability of end-users to envision the technology -- or even the fundamental need -- it serves.

Commercializing New Technology
Avoiding the reason most breakthrough new products fail -- a disregard for the realities of the adoption curve and the early adopters that drive it.

Competitor Repositioning
Creating a new brand designed to jar prospects out of a habitualized repeat purchase of "the brand I always buy" and then -- and only then -- states its case.

Impulse Catalyst
Designing a new product that stops impulse buyers in their tracks and whispers "just-do-it" in the only place that counts -- the retail environment.

Relevancy Concepting
Leveraging the input of hi-volume -- and only hi-volume -- users to develop product concepts with built-in frequent usage and dedicated brand loyalty.

Quick Time Workshop
A consumer driven, do-it-yourself way to generate "big idea" concepts that fit corporate a hurry.

Comm Check
Overcoming the proverbial "failure to communicate" -- and the inevitable disaster -- that occurs when the concept says "apples" and the consumer hears "oranges."

When it comes to picking a winning concept from also rans, the difference between a qualitatively assisted guess and a statistical fact is only a 150 consumers and $10,000...the consequences however may run to millions.

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