World class companies do not retain consultants for the lack of intelligent personnel. Or sophisticated process. They do it because even the best managed companies develop a form of corporate myopia. Shared values -- and the systems, strategies and structure that shape them -- encourage everyone from the CEO to the lowliest summer intern to see things in the same way. It's the reason they call them shared values.

External resources invariably bring fresh perspectives into the corporate point-of-view. They introduce new voices. Initiate new conversations. Instill new passion. Create new understanding. Offer new options. Stimulate managers to re-consider belief systems previously held sacrosanct.

Point-of-View is intended as a forum to share provocative new perspectives -- the kind that cause business managers to stop and think. Re-evaluate. Entertain new possibilities. Consider new directions. We invite and welcome you to contribute your point-of-view. Our email address is:

Why Dumb Things Happen to Smart Companies

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