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Benchmarking: Best Practices
Discovering the best-practices of twelve of the fastest, smartest, most flexible and efficient companies around. And adapting the one most suited to corporate needs.

Relevancy Marketing
Creating micro marketing plans that target only the 20% of users that deliver 80% of volume. Plans cost less. Produce more. And pay back faster.

Technology Forecasting
Providing hard answers to even harder questions: "what will be the impact of this new technology in 2002? How about 2007?"

Vision Quest
Most corporate visions are so fuzzy / myopic they should come equipped with a seeing eye dog. This tool develops 20/20 vision.

King of the Mountain
Recognizing the twelve ways to defend a dominant market share -- or attack one -- and deciding what to do about the newly discovered point-of-vulnerability.

Long Range Strategic Brand Plan
Designing a comprehensive set of twenty-four corporate and functional strategies that mesh like the gears in a twenty-one jewel watch.

Consumer Dialog: In-Depth Discovery
A two-on-two qualitative research technique that discovers what individual consumers really think -- no "me too," no peer pressure, no politically correct opinions. And no place to hide.

Re-engineering the stage gated new product development procedure to simultaneously reduce development cycle time and increase the quantity and quality of the portfolio processed.

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