Polaris Marketing traces its origins to 1981 when Brent Smith and Frank Lane co-founded a marketing partnership on a simple observation: damn few of the Fortune 500 consistently grew shareholder wealth by as much as 20% annually...and those that did invariably produced the return by radically changing the rules of the game. They refocused the strategic fundamentals.

But very few managers -- then or now -- understood how to constructively re-invent the strategic underpinnings of their own companies, let alone their industry.

The fledgling consultancy, The Peachtree Group, drew partners from executive ranks of the Fortune 500, recruiting proven managers with successful track records. Ones who had consistently been adept at identifying new ways to outdistance tradition-bound competitors. By 1990 a dozen partners had enlisted, bringing with them a diversity of best-in-class business practices in a variety of functional areas...and attracting dozens of world-class clients. But by then, managing a partnership comprised of executives who were accustomed to the autonomy of running major businesses had become a lot like herding cats. The partnership refocused its own strategic fundamentals, reinventing itself as an affiliated network.

Today, separate-but-networked corporations managed by the individual partners continue to support each other's functional areas of specialization, collectively bringing new voices, new perspectives, new process and new passion to clients in search of new growth.


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